There's no such thing as a "minor" criminal charge. That's the fundamental philosophy of The SVJ LEGAL Firm's criminal defense lawyers.

When you've been accused of a crime, the stakes are high. They can include heavy fines, imprisonment and, in some states and for particularly serious crimes, even the death penalty. A criminal charge can cause your life to spiral out of control.

At The SVJ LEGAL Firm, we take every criminal charge seriously. Our founder, S.V. JAYAKUMAR, was most famous for his work as a criminal defense lawyer, and we continue that work today. We believe everyone accused of a crime has the right to a vigorous and skilled legal defense.

If you've been accused of a crime and need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, please call The SVJ LEGAL Firm today at 9710948443 for a free consultation.

Cases We Handle
Of course, "criminal defense" is a broad term, and the number of crimes it's possible to be charged with is massive. Fortunately, the SVJ LEGAL Firm's criminal defense lawyers are experienced in a wide range of cases.

We can handle cases involving:

Common Criminal Charges

• Aiding & Abetting / Accessory
• Assault / Battery
• Drug Possession
• Burglary
• Theft / Larceny

All Other Charges

• Arson • Aggravated Assault / Battery • Attempt • Bribery • Child Abandonment • Child Abuse • Child Pornography • Computer Crime
• Conspiracy • Credit / Debit Card Fraud • Criminal Contempt of Court • Cyber Bullying • Disorderly Conduct • Disturbing the Peace
• Domestic Violence • Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation • Drug Trafficking / Distribution • DUI / DWI • Embezzlement • Extortion
• Forgery • Fraud • Harassment • Hate Crimes • Homicide • Indecent Exposure • Identity Theft • Insurance Fraud • Kidnapping
• Manslaughter: Involuntary • Manslaughter: Voluntary • Medical Marijuana • MIP: A Minor in Possession • Money Laundering
• Murder: First-degree • Murder: Second-degree • Open Container Law • Perjury • Probation Violation • Prostitution • Public Intoxication
• Pyramid Schemes • Racketeering / RICO • Rape • Robbery • Securities Fraud • Sexual Assault • Shoplifting • Solicitation • Stalking
• Statutory Rape • Tax Evasion / Fraud • Telemarketing Fraud • Vandalism • White Collar Crimes • Wire Fraud

This is far from an exhaustive list. You can follow the links above for more specific and detailed information about how The SVJ LEGAL Firm handles those particular case types.

How We Help
It's important to understand that no criminal defense lawyer can promise you an acquittal or a favorable plea bargain. Making such guarantees is unethical.

However, the nature of the legal system is such that prosecuting attorneys often have enormous advantages over defendants. Many of those accused of crimes lack the resources to hire competent legal representation. And because district attorneys possess significant leverage over defendants, many defendants end up negotiating away their rights and signing onto plea bargains that will haunt them for years.

The SVJ LEGAL Firm's criminal defense lawyers even the scales. We won't be intimidated by the prosecution. We'll investigate your case and find the flaws in the state's theories. We'll find witnesses and arrange expert testimony on your behalf. We understand how the courts work and how to prepare you for them.

Of course, the reality is that most cases are handled outside the courtroom and in the negotiating room. Plea negotiations are where the skill of your attorney will truly come into play. The SVJ LEGAL Firm's criminal defense lawyers will be your champion in these negotiations and make sure your rights are defended and interests represented.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer you can trust, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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