Intellectual Property Rights

Trade Marks

• Advising clients on registrability of mark and possible rounds of rejection.
• Search for similar/deceptively similar or identical marks and obtaining authenticated reports for the same.
• Applying for registration of the requisite mark along with related documentation for the same
• Prosecuting the application, answering the formality check and objections received from the Registry.
• Defending opposition proceedings by owners/applicants of other marks.
• Filing opposition proceedings against owners/applicants of other marks and prosecuting the same.
• Regular check of the Trade Marks journal for identifying potential infringers.
• Issuing Cease and Desist Notices against infringers or other parties who try to pass off their Mark/goods.
• Initiating legal action by filing Suits for infringement, Passing off and damages.
• Defending Suits for infringement, Passing off and damages and initiating Suits for groundless threat of legal proceedings.
• Filing applications for rectification/removal of registered marks from the Trade Mark Register


• Drafting of Patents starting from Abstract of the invention to provisional specification, complete specification and claims.
• Prosecution of Patents filed before the Indian Patent and Trade Mark Office ensuring its publication, requesting for an examination and getting report of the same and handling other issues till grant of Patent.
• Handling pre-grant and post grant oppositions.
• Filing and prosecuting pre-grant and post grant oppositions.
• Filing Suits for infringement of Patents and also defending such Suits.
• Initiating Suits for Groundless threats of Legal proceedings.
• Filing Petitions for revocation of Patents.
• Reports and advice from experts in various fields on technical issues pertaining to the specific Patents in question

Copyrights & Designs

• Applying for registration of Copyrights and Designs.
• Drafting of application showing novelty in the design to enable registration of the same.
• Prosecuting the applications through all stages until registration is granted.
• Filing and prosecuting Oppositions to grant as well as defending such oppositions.
• Filing and defending Suits for infringement of Copyright or Design and for declaration of Copyrights.
• Issue of Cease and Desist Notices to infringers and potential threats.

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